“Drawing What You See” is being offered by Ed Potters this spring. Instruction will include the  primary elements of drawing – line, texture, scale, composition, form, subject, value (lights and darks) and point of view.   Complete description for the classes and registration information is below.


This course is designed to allow a student to draw anything. By utilizing the essential components of drawing; line, form, composition and subject, the student can learn to draw what he sees. The notion is that by simply extracting from the subject lights and darks, scale, and proportion the student can put down on paper exactly what he sees before him. Some of the tools we will use to achieve a successful rendering are the grid, used by the masters of the Renaissance, cropping, and visualization. We will also learn why we use various drawing tools to achieve a desired effect.

Additional Information for Classes:


  • Drawing from nature (weather permitting)
  • Self portrait with mirror
  • Still life
  • Contour line drawing (Use a single line to draw a subject)
  • Memory drawing
  • Drawing from the grid

1. Range of drawing pencils ( B, 2B, 3B, F, H, 2H, 3H)
2. 12” – 18″ Ruler
3. Newsprint pad 14” x 11”
4. Medium weight drawing pad 14” x 11”
5. (1) Pink pearl eraser
6. (1) Kneaded eraser
7. Scissors

Questions or to Register

Contact Ed Potters at epotters@optonline.net