Scholarship Opportunities

Since 1998 the Roxbury Arts Alliance Scholarship has been awarded to one or more graduating Roxbury High School students who have demonstrated outstanding abilities in one or more areas of the arts such as music, dance, literature or visual arts. The following is a list of our scholarship recipients:

Congratulations to:

Karly Caruk
Erin Gaffney
Hally Smith
Nicole Paige Uvenio

as the 2016 Scholarship Recipients

Mackenzie Mathis, Kyle Spitzli, and Lauren Van Biert

Our 2015 Scholarship Winners!

2014 Christopher Bouvier and Cara Peslak
2013 Megan Dauerman, Kacie Hoagland, Sarah Ritchey, Matthew Ross
2012 Joseph Soriano, Elizabeth Synalovski, Monika Szumski, Matthew Zuccaro
2011 Kevin Barbone, Constance Kilgore, Heather Landfield, and Kathryn Vetter
2010  Kimberley Davis, Timothy Taylor and David Potters
2009  Nicole White and Joshua Zimmer
2008  Timothy Orton and Neelam Makvana
2007  Emily Janser and Ira Barth
2006  Michael Sanchez and Peter Zimmer
2005  Dana Harrington and Ian Cruz
2004  Sara Pessolano, Robert Grossman and Jason Berrameda
2003  Kristen Gelinas and Gregory Barbone
2002  Steven Slaff and Erin Cook
2001  Nicole DeGaetano and Russell Tybus
2000  Jenny Drucker and Brian Kubala
1999  Jennifer Knuk and Erica Peel
1998  Denise Molnar