Dear Supporter

I’m reaching out to you today to THANK YOU!!! For your past support of Roxbury High School’s productions.  Your support is crucial to allowing the RHS Performing Arts Department to provide over 100 students the opportunity to produce and participate in a high quality, successful musical production attended and enjoyed by thousands of community members.

And I’m asking for your continued support for the Roxbury High School Performing Arts program, by once again purchasing a very affordable advertising spot in the program for this year’s musical production.

This year’s musical is Into The Woods, and will be presented by the Roxbury High School Performing arts department on Thursday February 16th, Friday February 17th , and two shows on Saturday February 18th..

Your ad in the program will be seen by an anticipated 2,000+ parents, students and members of the Roxbury and surrounding communities, making this a great opportunity to reach your target audience, and show your support for the High School Performing Arts program, all at a very affordable price.

Prices are as follows (same as past years), and your artwork can be submitted as a hard copy (I will come pick it up), e-mailed to me, or if you do not provide artwork, we will design your ad for you!  Just write the information you want to appear in your ad on the attached Order Form and we’ll handle the creation of the ad for you.  We can also simply re-run your ad from past years if you like.

  • Full page Ad              (Musical 4.5” x 7” copy)*                                $125
  • Half page Ad              (Musical 4.5” x 3.5” copy)*                            $75
  • Quarter Page Ad  (Musical 2.25” x 3.5” or 4.5” x 1.75” copy)*         $50
  • Eighth Page Ad  (Musical 2.25” x 1.75” copy)*                                $35

 *For the Mamma Mia Musical, the program is Playbill/booklet sized, with a full page ad being 4.5” x 7“. 

Completed order forms, including payment by check, as well as any artwork must be submitted no later than Wednesday,  January 25th, 2023.

 Attached is the AD Form to fill out.

All you need to do is send Patrick Hachey an email ( with the ad form, or give me a call at 973-479-3452 to let me know you’re willing to show your generous support of the program and our students, and I’ll arrange to come to you to pick up your order form(s), payment and any artwork.  Please note that checks for ads in the Mamma Mia musical program should be made payable to RHS MUSICAL. 

You can return your check, form and artwork to the address below (must be received no later than January 25th!)

Patrick Hachey

Roxbury High School

1 Bryant Dr.

Succasunna, NJ  07876

Thank you for your continued support!!!!

Todd Milsom  (

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